Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Combet on broken carbon tax promise

Greg Combet interview with Kerry O`Brien on Gillard's broken election promise to not  introduce a Carbon Tax reminded me of Paul Keating's LAW broken election promise. Tony Abbott should now introduce some LAW to the Parliament banning such a tax making it clear he will attend any Divisions involved.

This initiative will test Gillard and the Independents both in the debate and the vote. In particular to match their rhetoric with actual evidence as to the ECONOMIC  and ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS of such a measure.

Abbott might also include in his motion a preliminary prohibition on the use of such words as" National Interest" and the Speaker, by the use of the existing powers might require all speakers to address  the substance of the Bill by providing evidence not opinions from various self appointed experts whose utterances are equally bereft of hard facts.

Whilst a Gillard promise has a 24hr USE BY DATE she might just be prepared to provide a guaranteed  figure as to the reduction in CO2 emissions per 1% of tax imposed excluding of course those emissions that are exported to other countries.

During the election campaign I constantly raised the example of Julia "RELUCTANTLY" breaking the promises she never intended to keep to accommodate the Greens however as is typical in his Labor interviews O'Brien avoided the killer question to Combet which was  Considering the Greens had nowhere else to go on the Carbon tax issue and would NEVER support a Liberal minority Govt why was their any need to break this solemn promise?

Wilson Tuckey

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