Sunday, October 17, 2010

World Vision Donors should retain future donations to pay Tim Costello's Carbon tax

Tim Costello's public commitment to a carbon tax is a warning to small donors to his World Vision charity to retain such donations so they have enough money to pay Tim's Carbon Tax which he proclaimed today is essential to reverse Climate Change although he did not mention which change he wants to reverse ie The WET one in eastern Australia or the unseasonally DRY one in the West

Tim made these remarks in response to his appointment to one of the rash of Gillards New Tax justification Commitees all of which hide behind a billboard marked National Interest and economic reform.

Tim apparently has never researched the statistics related to the response of Australian consumers to tax hikes designed to alter their consuming habits. It never reduced tobaco , alcohol or petrol consumption other than in the short term as demonstrated by the increase in Govt. revenues that follow each such increase

Put simply a tax on carbon will not guaruntee a reduction in energy consumption but increasing the cost of this essental commodity will alter individuals discretionary spending decisions and stopping charitable donations is one of the less difficult. But then this might produce a secondary response which could be a reduction in overseas travel by overseas executives of such funds.

If Tim has genuine desire to reduce carbon emissions he might invite me along to the first meeting of his Commitee to hear just how cost effective big scale renewables could be and how if the Fed Govt. chose to be the primary purchaser and wholesaler of the necessary 60000 GWH of annual generation and  transmision  of such renewables how the necessary international capital and expertise would flock to our shores

Wilson Tuckey

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